Europe Unites in Demonstration Against War in Ukraine

From London to Bucharest, Europe demonstrates against the war in Ukraine

Thousands of people gathered across Europe on February 24th to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Leaders from the UK, the Baltics, and other countries joined in the ceremonies to show their support and pay tribute to the victims of the conflict.

In Berlin, thirteen demonstrations took place, with the largest gathering 8,000 people. The crowd in Freedom Square in Tallinn fell silent for a minute in honor of the dead, while in London Prime Minister Rishi Sunak observed a minute’s silence outside Downing Street before the Ukrainian anthem was sung.

At the Berlin International Film Festival, dozens of film personalities, including jury president Kristen Stewart, showed solidarity with Ukraine by waving Ukrainian flags and signs. In western Germany, between the cities of Osnabrück and Münster, around 18,000 people formed a human chain for peace.

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In the morning, a Russian tank was towed to the front of the Russian Embassy in Berlin, attracting many curious onlookers. Demonstrations also took place in Warsaw, Bern, and Geneva, as diplomats from around 30 countries gathered in the immediate vicinity of the United Nations.

On the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, thousands of people gathered in cities across Europe to show their support for Ukraine and commemorate the victims of the conflict. Leaders, celebrities, and everyday citizens joined in ceremonies and demonstrations, forming human chains of peace, waving flags, and observing moments of silence. The demonstrations in Berlin, which included a Russian tank in front of the Russian Embassy, were particularly impactful. The show of solidarity and remembrance was a powerful reminder of the strength of the European community.

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