Europe faces travel chaos as first snowfalls hit worldwide


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Europe was hit with heavy snow and freezing temperatures, causing travel disruptions across the continent. Flights were grounded in Munich and Dublin, with hundreds of flights canceled and delays of an hour or more reported at London, Vienna, and Zurich airports. Glasgow Airport also suspended all flights due to heavy snow, but later resumed flight operations.

Austria and Switzerland sounded the alarm for potential avalanches due to the snowfall. In the UK, sporting events, including 11 Scottish soccer matches, were canceled. The snowstorms also caused travel chaos in Ukraine, with 10 people dying and thousands of stranded vehicles. In Moldova, four people died as a result of snowstorms.

Even Hawaii saw its first snowflakes of the season due to the Kona Low weather system, with the inactive volcano Mauna Kea receiving around 5 inches of snow. The system also brought heavy rain to lower elevations in Hawaii, drenching eastern Maui with 10 inches of rain and soaking the Big Island with 2 feet of rainfall.

In the US, experts are keeping an eye on several feet of snow continuing to fall through Saturday in Oregon and Washington. This heavy snowfall can cause an increased flood risk for western-facing slopes of the Cascades. The Pacific Northwest, Rockies, and parts of the Great Basin are expected to experience heavy rain and high elevation snow through the weekend.

As for the East Coast, New Yorkers can expect more rain through the weekend, with up to an inch possible and temperatures in the low 50s. The sun is expected back on Monday, but the thermometer will stay in the low 50s. Overall, the heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures have caused widespread travel disruptions and dangerous conditions across Europe and parts of the US.

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