EU Struggles to Lure Skilled Workers: First Meeting Held

The European Commission (EC) is set to host the inaugural meeting of a new platform that is intended to boost cooperation between the European Union and third countries in terms of attracting qualified migrants tomorrow, Tuesday 10.01.2023.

Standing at the forefront of this meeting will be the European Commissioner for the Internal, Ylva Johansson, and the Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit. Representatives of the Member States who specialize in migration and employment as well as economic partners and of the EU will be present to discuss the challenges of the labor market, exchange best practices on labor migration and promote European initiatives.

This platform, which is going to meet periodically, plans to look into practical issues related to labor migration and labor shortages and to support the development of initiatives that support the recruitment of people from third countries with the needed skills and competencies.

It is the intention of the EC that such skilled workforce is vital for European economies and societies in order to make the most of the opportunities made available by the green and digital transitions. Unfortunately, most Member States are struggling with common skills and abilities shortages.

In order to tackle the issue of these shortages in a more systematic way, this platform also serves to mark the beginning of the European Year of Skills which is intended to help companies, particularly SMEs, to address these shortages as well as to aid people to get the right skills to access jobs that are of quality.

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