EU and US Unveil New Ammunition Packages for Ukraine


As the battle for the besieged city of Bajmut in the Donetsk region continues, both Ukraine and Russia are heavily invested in the fight. Ukraine has been facing ammunition shortages, but news of a shell supply plan agreed upon with European partners worth 2 billion euros is expected to accelerate the supply of shells for the country’s artillery.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called this plan a strategic step, and it has given them confidence in their unity and the immutability of the movement towards victory over the terrorist state. Avdiivka is another Donbas stronghold that Moscow forces, along with pro-Russian separatists, are attempting to encircle.

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In addition to the support from European partners, the United States has also responded to the call for more ammunition by providing a new $350 million defense package that includes a large number of various types of ammunition, such as rockets for the Himars high mobility artillery rocket systems.

The battle for Bajmut is crucial for Ukraine as kyiv claims that it is key to containing Russian forces across the eastern front. With the support of their European and American partners, Ukraine is hopeful that they can emerge victorious from this conflict and protect their sovereignty against Russian aggression.


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