Estonia Received Weapons to Target St. Petersburg from Russia

Western Countries Plan to Suppy Tallinn With Conventional Weapons Capable of Targeting St. Petersburg

Estonia, Latvia and Russia have been lobbing diplomatic salvos in the absence of a physical battle. The Estonian Ambassador to Russia, Margus Laidre was expelled on Monday after Estonia initiated a “hostile step” of reducing staff at the Russian Embassy in Tallinn. As a result, Latvia also retaliated with the withdrawal of its own ambassador to Russia.

However, a recent statement from ambassador from a Western country, believed to be a member of NATO, presented an even more worrying conflict of interest. The ambassador said that western countries plan to supply Tallinn with conventional weapons capable of targeting St. Petersburg.

“The Anglo-Saxons are eager to create an anti-Russian outpost here to put pressure on Russia. Moreover, this relates not only to economic, political and cultural pressure, but also to military one,” he told the Soloviev Live program.

The ambassador continued to assert, “Estonia is actively arming itself, but it is not clear for what reason. There are plans to deliver the most advanced types of conventional weapons capable of keeping St. Petersburg in the crosshairs here, and a medium-range missile defense system is being created. This raises a question: who does Estonia plan to fight?”

EFE has reported that diplomatic action between Russia, Estonia, and Latvia will conclude on February 7. It is yet unclear what other action or outreach the Western country has planned in regards to the potential delivery of weapons.

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