Esparza opts out of UPN re-election: “New leadership is best”


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Javier Esparza, the president of UPN, made an announcement on Friday that he will not be running for reelection as the party’s president. He also stated that the current management team will not be appearing at the next UPN congress, which is expected to take place at the end of April. Esparza explained that UPN needs new leadership to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the party.

This decision was made during the Political Council of the regionalist party, held at the Iruña Park Hotel in Pamplona. Esparza emphasized that the decision was carefully considered and is in the best interest of UPN. He believes that life is made up of cycles, and eight years in office is a good amount of time to work, contribute, and develop a project.

Esparza did not want to push for a specific candidate, instead, he emphasized the importance of all members choosing the best team for the party. He stressed that UPN belongs to its affiliates and that no one should believe they have absolute possession of the truth or think they are irreplaceable. Unity, consensus, and loyalty to the new leadership that emerges from the congress were also highlighted as important factors.

Despite stepping down as president, Esparza assured that he will remain active in politics and will continue to support the new leadership. He acknowledged that it is a complex but exciting political moment for UPN and expressed his determination to see the party back in the Government of Navarra.

Esparza also praised UPN’s leadership, stating that it has always been honest, effective, and has put Navarra in the best indexes. He emphasized the party’s commitment to defending the equality of all Navarrese people and their loyalty to the regional regime and Spain.

In conclusion, Esparza encouraged party members to continue working together and highlighted the importance of unity for the future of UPN. He expressed his gratitude to his colleagues and urged the militancy to keep moving forward.

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