Escaped Inmate Shane Pryor Captured After Five Days


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Shane Pryor, 17, was taken into custody by the United States Marshals Service and brought to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit at 6:30 p.m. as he was getting on a bus at 3rd Street and Roosevelt Boulevard. This is an area he frequented between the neighborhoods of Feltonville and Olney. Photos show US Marshals detaining Pryor on a SEPTA bus in North Philadelphia. Authorities said the teenager had fled before noon Wednesday in a vehicle at the entrance to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where he was admitted for a hand injury. Security videos show Pryor was able to enter and exit several buildings in the area, as well as talk to people, “asking for a phone… anything he could do to leave the area,” according to Deputy Commissioner of Investigation Frank Vanore. Investigators say the young man called an accomplice during the first hour before escaping, who picked him up in a car. Police searched buildings and used dogs to search large parking areas, but they did not find him. The young man is accused of fatally shooting a woman in Philadelphia. Police declared Pryor dangerous and warned people not to approach him. They also checked his relatives’ homes in other parts of the city, but they also couldn’t find him. On Friday, police arrested Pryor’s alleged accomplice, Michael Diggs, 18, and the alleged driver of the escape, police said. Diggs faces multiple felony charges including hindering apprehension, escape, use of media and criminal conspiracy in connection with Pryor’s escape. Pryor was 14 when he was charged with the murder of Tanya Harris occurred in October 2020, in an alley in the Holmesburg neighborhood of Philadelphia, and since then he had been in a juvenile detention center awaiting trial as an adult. He faces charges including murder, conspiracy and firearm crimes.

The city of Philadelphia ended 2019 with 356 homicides, the highest number in the city in more than a decade. 2020 began with more violence. In total, three people were killed in separate shootings on New Year’s Eve. The day ended with a murder-suicide in the Summerdale section of Philadelphia that left one woman dead. The victim was shot to death inside a home in the 5600 block of Frontenac Street around 10:17 p.m. A man was also found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He later died in the hospital. The number of homicides in 2019 surpassed the 353 homicides in 2018, and is the highest number of homicides in the city since 2007, when 391 people were murdered. The first homicide of New Year’s Eve occurred shortly before 11:00 a.m. in the 3500 block of Germantown Avenue, near Tioga Street in North Philadelphia. That’s where a 47-year-old man was fatally shot. No suspects have been identified in this case. Then, around 2 p.m., a man was shot in the 4000 block of North 7th Street. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition, but died a short time later. There was no word on suspects or arrests. The total number of homicides in Philadelphia for 2019 is more than New York City and a significant jump from this decade’s low of 245 five years ago. More recently, Philadelphia police records show that there were 313 homicides in 2017 and 277 in 2016. Philadelphia residents are truly disappointed and heartbroken to know that not even a full day into the New Year and the city is already dealing with three homicides in 2020. The year 2019 ended with a total of 356 homicides, the most in the city since 2007. When presented by the mayor earlier this week, The city’s newly appointed police commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, vowed to get tough on gun violence. “I will work tirelessly to reduce crime in Philadelphia, particularly the insidious gun violence that plagues many of our communities,” Outlaw said. She admitted that reducing violence is a process and requires a community effort. “I ask each of you more than for her support, I ask for your help. Your thoughts, your wisdom and your ideas,” Outlaw said.

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