Eric Clapton’s Dislike for “It was so horrible” Song


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There are many people who believe that intentions matter when it comes to actions. However, not everyone agrees with this philosophy. This difference in opinion can sometimes lead to legal disputes, as was the case with Brian May and Eddie Van Halen in their interaction with Eric Clapton.

The conflict began when the Queen guitarist and the Van Halen guitarist collaborated on the track “Blues Breaker” for the Star Fleet Project album. This album was a solo project by May and consisted of three songs. The track “Blues Breaker” was dedicated to Clapton, with a label that said “Dedicated to EC.” May decided to send Clapton a copy of the album, not anticipating the response he would receive.

In a 1986 interview with Musician Magazine, Clapton expressed his disdain for the project. He described one side of the album as a “kind of fusion, really very interesting, great to listen to,” and the other side as a “blues improvisation.” Clapton went on to say, “It was so horribleā€¦ And they dedicated it to me. They sent me a copy, I put it in expecting something and, you know, I was almost insulted that they sent me this. They can’t touch! They took turns doing it alone and threw themselves into it, with everything they knew. And there was no dynamic, no preparation, no sensitivity. I was very disappointed.”

This incident highlights the importance of understanding the intentions behind actions, especially in the context of creative collaborations. It also serves as a reminder that individuals may have differing perspectives on the quality and value of artistic work.

The clash between May, Van Halen, and Clapton underscores the subjective nature of art and the potential for misunderstandings to arise when creative endeavors are shared with others. It also raises questions about the role of intention in the evaluation of artistic expression and the impact of differing viewpoints on the interpretation of creative works.

In conclusion, the interaction between May, Van Halen, and Clapton serves as a cautionary tale about the potential for misunderstandings and disputes to arise in the realm of artistic collaboration. It also prompts reflection on the role of intention in creative expression and the importance of considering differing perspectives in the evaluation of artistic works.

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