HomeNewsEpidemiologist Reports 80% of Chinese Population Infected with COVID

Epidemiologist Reports 80% of Chinese Population Infected with COVID

Epidemiologist Reports 80% of Chinese Population Infected with COVID

China Abandons Zero-Tolerance Covid Policy and Reports Over 1.1 Billion Cases

The chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Wu Zunyou, estimated that the national zero-tolerance policy against the coronavirus has been dismantled, and a population estimate of 1,411.75 million people in the country till end 2022 reveals over 1.1 billion COVID-19 cases.

This Saturday, Wu reflected on the pathogen’s risk of making a second wave in the two or three months, citing low possibilities. Also, he acknowledged that coronavirus cases could hike in some areas due to the 5 billion displacements expected for the first Lunar New Year post anti-Covid restrictions.

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However, he argued there won’t be a “big rebound”. In recent weeks, there were voices questioning China’s Covid-19 figures which for now, admits 60,000 virus-linked hospital deaths until January 12.

In comparison, health sector analysis company Airfinity predicted 36,000 sudden fatalities as a result of lunar holidays -from January 21 to 27- in China. After three years of hard limitations and seals, the country reduced the hazard category A to category B, officially scratching the “zero Covid” policy on December 1st.

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