Epic Games Offers Missions for Poor Fortnite Players

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Fortnite rewards players for losing in first time in history!
For the first time in its entire history, Fortnite rewards its players for not just winning games but losing them too. Players can avail this reward by playing the popular Epic Games game and by taking part in the new mission ‘Do not be in first position in different games’.

The mission comprises of several phases corresponding to Week 8 of Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 4 which commenced from 24th January, 2023 3 pm CET. By completing each phase, a total of 16,000 XP can be availed. That adds up to a total of 64,000 XP when all the four phases are completed.

This is the first instance when Epic Games has done something like this in Fortnite which shows that in the game, losses can be rewarded as much as wins. As mentioned in the Fortnite guide, the quickest way to complete these missions is to kill oneself in the game before the end.

The mission is a good way for players to level up and unlock pass items from the Battle of Fortnite season 4. It is a great opportunity for the players who haven’t excelled in the game in the past.

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