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Entertainment Guide: Must-See Content from September 8 to 10 on Streaming Platforms

New Movies and Coming to Streaming Platforms

Recently, the highly anticipated of Scream 6 took place on Amazon Prime , bringing back the beloved horror saga of the notorious Ghostface killer. However, it seems that the iconic franchise is also making its way back to Netflix. The original Scream , directed by Wes Craven, is set to return, signaling the beginning of a new chapter in the serial killer legend. Despite the introduction of fresh characters, some familiar faces are making a comeback in this latest installment. As the storyline unfolds in a small American town plagued by relentless and chilling stabbings, fans can expect more movies and series in the pipeline, with the journey starting this Friday.

Netflix has an exciting of films, series, and documentaries spanning various genres to cater to all tastes. Let’s take a closer look at the releases for the upcoming month.

Firstly, we have a of first-run movies hitting Netflix on September 8th. The following day, on September 9th, another highly anticipated film will make its on the platform.

Premiere series are also scheduled to captivate audiences on Netflix, with the launch of The Burning Body (Season 1), Selling The OC (Season 2), Your Time Calls (Season 1), and Spy Missions (Docuseries, Season 1) on September 8th.

Meanwhile, Disney+ is also joining in on the action with its own set of premiere series on September 8th.

Switching over to Amazon Prime Video, viewers can look forward to first-run movies such as Sentinelle and Sitting in with Cake, both scheduled to premiere on September 8th. Additionally, the new series, The : First Strokes (Season 1), will also be available.

HBO Max is introducing its own set of first-run movies on September 8th, which includes Good Company and Prisoners.

Moving on to Movistar+, there are no premieres scheduled for this week. Similarly, Sky and Showtime will not be releasing any new content this week.

Lastly, FILMIN will be offering the film Dialogue with Life and Good Companies on September 8th.

With such a diverse range of movies and series hitting the streaming platforms, audiences are in for a treat this month. Whether you’re a fan of horror, drama, or documentaries, there is something for everyone. Make sure to mark your calendars and prepare for an exciting binge-watching journey.

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