End of New Amsterdam Photo Reveals Evidence of Character Return

Cassian Shin Returns for New Amsterdam Series Finale to Say Goodbye to Max Goodwin

The hit NBC medical drama, New Amsterdam, will be airing its finale episodes on January 17. They will mark the end of Max Goodwin’s story and will include the return of a much beloved character – Dr. Cassian Shin.

Dr. Cassian Shin (played by Daniel Dae Kim) has been a major part of the show since the first two seasons. After a brief romance with Dr. Helen Sharpe, he had disappeared from screens after season 3.

Going into the finale, NBC just released a promotional trailer and promotional photos revealing the return of Cassian. Fans will also be delighted to know that he will be playing a key role in a harrowing procedure to save a patient who had been infected with a rare and untreatable disease.

The finale will also feature every other highly skilled surgeon the hospital has ever had. With the much-anticipated finale of New Amsterdam, fans have high hopes and expectations for the resolution of Max Goodwin’s story.

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