Emma Mackey’s “Daring and Dazzling” Story of Emily Brontë in “Emily”

Frances O’Connor’s daring, engaging and brilliantly acted Emily breathes life into a beloved classic character.

Frances O’Connor’s directorial debut, Emily, is a daring, engaging and brilliantly acted film about the life of Emily Brontë, with Emma Mackey as the protagonist.

O’Connor’s approach to such a classic and beloved character could have gone wrong, but it has attracted a mass of attention from critics. From the start, the movie is an emotional and exciting story about the British writer, with her near-death telling her sister Charlotte about what inspired her to write Wuthering Heights.

The director does not play it safe, instead opting for a portrait of the writer that is fantasy as much as reality. It is the wilder and speculative parts of the story that draw particular praise, with a tribute to the novelist that allows her to be both ethereal and human and inhabit the normal world. O’Connor has worked on this project for the past decade, obsessed with Brontë’s spirit of rebellion and creativity.

The rest of the cast is equally as engaging, with Mackey being joined by Alexandra Dowling and Amelia Gething as Emily’s literary sisters Charlotte and Anne. Fionn Whitehead plays Branwell, the only brother of the family, whilst Adrian Dunbar and Gemma Jones complete the main cast.

Emily is an extraordinary tale that is sure to draw the viewer into the world of a much-loved classic.

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