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Embracing Freedom: Confessions of a Braless Cougar in the No Bra Club

Embracing Freedom: Confessions of a Braless Cougar in the No Bra Club

Women Celebrate Being “Finally Free” as They Ditch Their Bras

More and more women are joining the “no bra club” and celebrating their decision to stop wearing lingerie under their clothes. Many of these women say they feel “finally free” and are embracing body positivity.

Karen Lee Poter Leads the Way

Karen Lee Poter (@karenleepoter) is a proud cougar and a member of the “no bra club.” With more than 90,000 followers on her TikTok, Karen hosts her own comedy podcast called Sex Talk With My Mom. Her content is focused on comedy and body positivity, and she’s not afraid to bare it all when she wants to.

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Braless and Loving It

In a recent video, Karen shared a sign that read “bras are a social construct” and nodded in agreement. The background music was Tonio Armani’s “Free At Last,” which features the lyrics “finally free,” playing over and over. Karen did a little shimmy and laughed before the clip ended.

Many people left supportive comments, including one person who wrote “Looking good, young lady.” Karen replied with a heart emoji. Another person wrote “Shake it baby!!!” while a third person wrote “Take it all off honey!!”

Joining the No-Bra Crew

Other women are also embracing their freedom and going braless. Some have even shared videos on TikTok, like one woman who declared that she didn’t need to hold her breasts in “prison” and made that day a no-bra day. Meanwhile, a woman over 50 has asserted that she doesn’t want her breasts to be clothed in a bra – even after she passes away. She plans to remain part of the no-bra crew and hopes her chest is free to breathe – even when she is post-mortem.

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Overall, it seems that many women are finding empowerment and confidence in their decision to go braless. They are embracing their bodies and challenging societal norms surrounding lingerie and undergarments.

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