Emblematic Taqueria in Texas Resurfaces with Community Support


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The popularity of Mexican food in the US is on the rise, with one in 10 restaurants in the country now offering food from Mexico. One such success story is Trompo taqueria in Oak Cliff, Dallas, founded by Luis Olvera in 2014. What started as Olvera preparing tacos in his backyard has now become a gastronomic landmark with multiple locations in Dallas, even earning recognition on Bon App├ętit’s list of the 50 best new restaurants in 2016.

However, the future of Trompo was in jeopardy when the landlord closed the doors of the establishment in early January due to a debt of $36,000 in rent. In a desperate plea for support, Olvera turned to the community, and the response was overwhelming. Through an online campaign on GoFundMe and external donations, $20,000 was raised, restoring hope to Olvera and leading to the emotional reopening of Trompo on January 13.

Despite still being short $6,000, Olvera was able to obtain an extension to complete the payment, thanks to the understanding of the establishment’s owner. The reopening of Trompo is not only a personal triumph for Olvera, but also a testament to the power and solidarity of the Hispanic community. Located at 337 Jefferson Blvd., Dallas, Trompo is back with a vengeance, ready to continue delighting taco lovers with its distinctive flavor and authenticity.

In other news, the city of Farmers Branch, Texas, is preparing for the extraordinary opening of “Joya,” a unique glow-in-the-dark park that offers an enchanting experience for the whole family. From a futuristic 27-foot sphere to thrilling ziplines and light-up seats, it’s the region’s “crown jewel.”

The grand opening of “Joya” is set to take place on Saturday, January 20, with Mayor Terry Lynne and city representatives welcoming children and families to enter this 18,000 square foot park full of wonders. The innovative space includes both a main play area and an enclosed space designed especially for the smallest ones. Among the fascinating attractions, a 27-foot futuristic sphere stands out, inviting children to climb inside.

In addition to the sphere, visitors can enjoy a zip line, a rotating area, luminous seats, swings, and challenging obstacles, all illuminated by vibrant LED lights. While “Joya” guarantees fun during the day, it comes to life at dusk with interactive features that allow you to enjoy the game both day and night. The name “Joya” was carefully chosen to pay tribute to the Hispanic community, and the park is located at 13201 Tom Field Rd in Farmers Branch.

With these exciting developments, both Trompo taqueria and “Joya” are bringing joy and entertainment to the community, showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of the Hispanic culture in the US.

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