Eliminate Damp Odor from Kitchen Rags with These 3 Easy Tricks

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Neglecting to Clean Kitchen Rags Can Be Harmful to Your Health

One of the most common mistakes made in kitchens is neglecting to clean rags. This oversight can put our health at risk, as rags can harbor dangerous bacteria capable of causing serious food poisoning.

When we finish cleaning the kitchen, we may notice a strange smell on the surfaces we have just cleaned. Guilty? The cloth or cloth that we thought was clean and that has now impregnated the kitchen with an unpleasant smell.

The smell can be removed easily by following some home tricks. But what causes this bad smell to occur? The answer is simple: poor washing. If we only rinse our rags to remove day-to-day dirt, we promote the growth of bacteria, leading to a bad smell. Moreover, by cleaning surfaces with rags that have this smell, we will only spread it throughout our kitchen.

To prevent this from happening, there are a few home tricks that we can follow to leave our dishcloths or kitchen rags looking like new. The first thing to do is to make sure that the rags are perfectly clean. Try one of the following tips.

Firstly, deep cleaning should be done at least once a month. Soak the rags in a pot with hot water and boil them for 15 minutes. Let them cool down before hanging them up to dry completely.

Secondly, vinegar can be used. Put the dirty rags in the washing machine and add a cup of white vinegar to the water along with the detergent. Pause the wash and let the rags soak for an hour before restarting the wash until it is finished.

Lastly, bleach is a great ally when it comes to removing bad odors from kitchen cloths. Fill your washing machine with water, add the detergent, and then add two tablespoons of bleach. Let the cycle finish, and then dry the rags well.

Maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen is essential for the health of our families. Neglecting to clean kitchen rags can be harmful, but by following these simple home remedies, we can prevent the growth of bacteria and avoid unpleasant smells.

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