El Salvador renews emergency regime for first time since Bukele’s re-election


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The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador has approved a new extension to the emergency regime, which has been in place since March 2022 and will now be extended for at least 30 more days. This measure, which has been extended with 67 votes in favor and nine against, suspends some constitutional rights and has been criticized by Human Rights organizations. However, the Government defends it as a necessary tool to combat gang violence.

According to reports from elsalvador.com, the Government argues that the emergency regime has been effective in reducing homicidal violence in the country. They claim that the number of homicides has decreased significantly since the measure was implemented. However, journalistic investigations have revealed that the Salvadoran State has released and taken out of the country leaders of criminal structures. It has also been documented that the Security Cabinet has recaptured people who were already serving prison sentences for alleged crimes linked with criminal structures.

The Salvadoran Government itself has acknowledged that there have been captures of innocent people under a “margin of error.” Vice President FĂ©lix Ulloa has declared that of the more than 76,000 captured to date, between 7,000 and 6,000 actually had no relationship with criminal groups, for which they were released after spending months in prison.

The emergency regime was installed as the only campaign proposal of the presidential candidacy of Nuevas Ideas, the party of the country’s current president, Nayib Bukele. Despite criticism from Human Rights organizations, the Government continues to defend the measure as a necessary tool to combat gang violence. The extension of the emergency regime has sparked controversy and debate within the country, with some expressing concerns about the suspension of constitutional rights and the potential for abuse of power. However, the Government maintains that the measure has been effective in reducing violence and is necessary for maintaining public safety.

The decision to extend the emergency regime has raised questions about the balance between security and individual rights in El Salvador. Critics argue that the measure infringes on basic human rights and has led to the wrongful capture and imprisonment of innocent individuals. On the other hand, supporters of the regime point to the decrease in homicides as evidence of its effectiveness in combating gang violence.

The ongoing debate surrounding the emergency regime reflects broader tensions within El Salvador regarding the prioritization of public safety and the protection of individual rights. As the measure continues to be extended, it remains to be seen how the Government will address the concerns raised by Human Rights organizations and other critics. The future of the emergency regime and its impact on the country’s security and human rights landscape will likely remain a topic of significant discussion and controversy in the coming months.

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