El Salvador: 2,000 Gangs Locked in Mega-Prison

El Salvador: 2,000 gang members were transferred to a mega-prison

On Friday, February 24, 2,000 gang members were transferred to a mega prison in El Salvador as part of the Nayib Bukele government’s offensive against the gangs, which he has called “terrorist groups”. The president of the country approved a state of emergency, renewed since last March by the Legislature, granting him extraordinary powers. This decision has been criticized by various groups, claiming that it has resulted in the violation of multiple human rights such as due process.

This transfer is the latest step in the government’s campaign to reduce gang activity in the country. The government has also implemented stricter laws, increased police presence, and promised to invest in social programs to help young people stay away from gangs.

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The government’s efforts are welcomed by many citizens who have suffered from the violence of gangs in El Salvador. However, others are concerned that the president’s actions could lead to further human rights violations.

Time will tell if the government’s offensive against gangs will be successful in reducing violence and protecting human rights in El Salvador.


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