Ecuador Government Looks for Vaccine to Curb Avian Flu

Ecuador Studies Vaccine to Immunize Poultry from Bird Flu Outbreak

Authorities from Ecuador have discussed with representatives from international commercial houses the type of vaccine suitable to immunize poultry against the AH5N1 virus, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock reported.

Specialists from the National Poultry Farming Commission have analyzed what vaccine would be adequate to immunize birds and the amount of doses that international commercial houses can provide. The study will make it possible to develop the regulatory framework for protocols, procedures, registration, importation, custody and regulation of the vaccine.

The study was prepared by a technical subcommittee composed of the National Poultry Farmers Corporation, the Egg Producers Union, the Association of Veterinarians, specialists from the Central (State) and San Francisco de Quito, and the Phytosanitary Regulation and Control Agency (Agrocalidad).

Vaccination can reduce the mortality rate from 80 to 40%, however, it does not completely prevent the spread of birds on the farms. According to the World Organization for Animal Health, avian influenza has been reported in several countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

So far, bird flu has infected several farms and a girl who had contact with sick animals. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will continue working to develop protocols for the use of the suitable vaccine for the AH5N1 virus.

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