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The Easter Grass Tricolor – 3 Oz Bag is a delightful addition to any Easter basket. This paper shred comes in a 3 oz bag with three vibrant colors, adding a festive touch to your Easter gifts. The product dimensions are 12 x 7 x 2 inches, and it weighs 3.2 ounces. The item model number is GR, and the ASIN is B01BNMKG2A. It has received a customer review rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 458 reviews, and it ranks at #316,756 in Toys & Games and #9,468 in Kids’ Multi-Item Party Favor Packs.

One of the standout features of this Easter grass is the multiple colors it offers, adding variety and visual appeal to Easter baskets. The soft and pillowy texture of the grass makes it a joy to handle and creates a lovely cushioning effect for the items in the basket. Additionally, the tricolor bag provides a good amount of grass for multiple baskets, making it a cost-effective choice for families with several children.

Customers have praised the quality of this Easter grass, noting its thick and soft texture, which feels almost like leather. Many have appreciated that one bag was sufficient for multiple regular-sized Easter baskets, making it a practical and economical option. The vibrant colors have also been well-received, adding a cheerful and festive touch to the baskets.

However, some users have reported a fire burning smell upon opening the bag, which has been a cause for concern. This issue has led to disappointment for some customers, as they had to air out the grass to eliminate the odor. It’s important for the manufacturer to address this concern to ensure consistent product quality.

In conclusion, the Easter Grass Tricolor – 3 Oz Bag is a great choice for adding a pop of color and a soft, cushiony base to your Easter baskets. Its multiple colors, soft texture, and cost-effectiveness make it a practical and visually appealing option for creating delightful Easter gifts. While the fire burning smell concern is a drawback, the overall quality and value of this product make it a worthy purchase for the Easter season.

Easter Grass Tricolor - 3 Oz Bag Easter Grass Tricolor - 3 Oz Bag

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