Easter eggs and surprises in new Deadpool and Wolverine trailer


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The long-awaited trailer for Deadpool 3 premiered during a Super Bowl LVIII commercial break, giving fans a closer look at Wade Wilson’s foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside his best friend, Wolverine, as the two get together. catapult into all sorts of multiversal shenanigans for their next big screen adventure.

Die-hard Marvel fans immediately took to lying on the ground after being knocked down. People spotted a copy of one of Marvel’s best-selling comics, Secret Wars #5, in the rubble and dust alongside Ryan Reynolds’ titular antihero. Its inclusion has sparked speculation about whether it is a possible relationship between Doctor Doom and Deadpool and Wolverine or if it is simply a preview of the upcoming Secret Wars film.

Speaking of Doctor Doom, some believe they have seen the infamous Marvel villain in the trailer, or at least someone very similar, wearing a metallic mask and a hooded cape. The mysterious figure (which appears at the 1:48 mark of the trailer) led one fan to say that he would “cry in the cinema” if the identity was correct.

Although it’s unclear if Doctor Doom will make an appearance, the trailer included a cameo by Aaron Stanford, reprising his role as Pyro from X2 and Aaron Stanford, or Pyro from X-Men2, in DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE.

Breaking down the Deadpool 3 trailer we see the ice cream van from Moon Knight, Alioth from Loki. We also see clips of the Avengers, a secret wars comic, possibly the woods from Age of Ultron, Patch & Pyro from the X-Men films. There’s loads more but this is what I found/saw.

Deadpool and Wolverine will be one of the first Marvel projects to really address the appearance of X-Men characters in the MCU. The loudmouth antihero’s previous two films existed before Disney finalized its purchase of 21st Century Fox, meaning the third film has a chance to play with universe crossovers. Deadpool’s third installment is the only 2024 MCU movie, so it’s attracted a lot of attention and more than a few spoilers, set leaks and photos in recent months, but the arrival of the trailer has given fans their first look. official to the “raw, bold, highly R-rated” outing that is promised when the film hits theaters on July 26.

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