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Duggar fans criticize Joy-Anna’s parenting choice for newborn Gunner shortly after third baby’s delivery

Duggar fans criticize Joy-Anna’s parenting choice for newborn Gunner shortly after third baby’s delivery

Duggar Fans Question Joy-Anna’s Parenting Decisions

Counting On alum Joy-Anna Duggar faced criticism from fans over a recent parenting decision. The former TLC star shared several family photos on her Instagram, including one that showed her newborn son, Gunner, laying on her lap in just a diaper and swaddle. Some fans were concerned about the baby being out in the heat, while others worried about the safety of her other children, Evelyn and Gideon, who were seen barefoot around farm equipment.

Welcoming Baby Gunner

Despite the backlash, Joy-Anna and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are happy to be parents to their third child. Gunner James Forsyth was born on May 17, and the couple shared several sweet photos of their new bundle of joy on social media. Joy-Anna even revealed her unusual nickname for the baby, “I wub Gutta”, which means “I love Gunner”.

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Honoring a Loved One

Joy-Anna also shared the reason behind their decision to name their son Gunner James. Austin’s grandfather, Edwin James Forsyth, had passed away a few years ago, and before his death, he told Austin that their next son would have “James” in his name. Joy-Anna explained that they wanted to honor Edwin’s memory by incorporating his name in their son’s.

Pregnancy Pranks and Hospital Visits

Joy-Anna also shared a YouTube video in which she pranked Austin with a fake hospital visit, claiming that she was having contractions. The couple later revealed that it was all a joke, and the baby was not due yet. The video also showed footage of Joy-Anna’s actual hospital visit when she delivered her son.

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In all, fans are excited to see Joy-Anna and Austin embrace parenthood with their growing family. While some may question their parenting choices, it’s clear that they have a deep love and commitment to their children.

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