Dua Lipa Starts the New Year With a Headstand Yog

Dua Lipa Starts the New Year With a Headstand Yoga

Dua Lipa, the Grammy and BRIT Award-winning pop singer, is not only successful in music, but also in her ability to stay in shape through yoga. On Thursday, January 5th, the singer showed off her impressive skill for headstands in a video featuring her in leggings and a top of the same color. The video has since amassed more than a million and a half likes from her fans, some commenting that they want to learn how to do the same.

That same day, Lipa took the opportunity to share her newest episode of her podcast, “At Your Service,” where she shares health tips. The podcast features free exercises to help everyone achieve physical and mental health. In addition to advising about health, Lipa also promotes her digital magazine @service95, as well as Victoria Joy’s article refuting the myth of multitasking, Samantha de Haas’s acting managing editor’s highlight of Rina Raphael’s new book “The Gospel Of Wellness” and Laura Potter’s fascinating article regarding food and mental health.

The reason behind Lipa’s success is her talent and her sound, which combines pop, dance, and R&B; as well as having worked with some of the world’s top producers and collaborated with highly successful artists. Moreover, she has a strong presence on social networks, being able to build an effective connection with her fans and effectively promote her music.

Lipa is an example of how talent, discipline, and hard work can help someone to reach the height of success.

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