Drug Network Using Sailboats to Transport Cocaine From America to Europe Disrupted

European Police Seize 740 Kilos Of Cocaine In Spain & France

Announced by the Spanish Police and Civil Guard, a vast quantity of cocaine was seized last December, on a sailboat boarded on the high seas northeast of the Azores islands. Spanish and French forces partnered up to stop two French brothers, whom were allegedly leading the international drug network.

The Garlankore operation, which began in 2021 and was coordinated by the European agency of judicial cooperation, Eurojust, uncovered two branches of the organization. One Spanish branch dealt with drug suppliers in Colombia and Venezuela, while the other French branch dealt with distributing the drugs throughout Spain and in the Ile de France, which encompasses Paris and it’s metropolitan area.

15 people were apprehended, and investigators seized 800,000 euros in cash, firearms, satellite equipment for boats, vehicles, and numerous encrypted mobile phones.

In addition to illegal activity with the French and Spanish, investigators detected meetings with historical members of the mafia in Marseille, which included a well-known French criminal linked to organized crime and bank robbery, who had been convicted of murdering a police officer during a robbery.

The alleged Venezuelan partners in Spain have yet to be identified.

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