Drones: Effective and Affordable Weapons in Ukraine, Gaza, and the Red Sea


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Drones have become a crucial weapon in modern conflicts, both in military and commercial use. They offer a cost-effective and safe alternative to putting combatants in danger. The recent crises in Ukraine, Gaza, and the Red Sea have highlighted the urgent need for affordable solutions to address this challenge.

The use of drones on the battlefield is not new, but it was previously limited to major military powers due to high costs. However, in recent years, the commercial and recreational use of drones has led to a decrease in costs, making them more accessible. Initially used for intelligence gathering, drones now have the capability to launch precision attacks, as seen in the CIA’s operation in Kabul in 2022.

The rise of commercial drones has allowed small insurgent groups to access these devices, using them as guided missiles to carry out attacks. Groups like Hamas and the Houthis have used drones to launch attacks against their enemies, disrupting communications and targeting ships and energy infrastructure.

Ukraine’s successful use of commercial drones in response to Russian aggression has been a game-changer. The extensive use of drones allowed Ukrainian forces to observe and target Russian troops without putting their own troops in danger. The Ukrainian Army reportedly loses about 10,000 drones per month due to their widespread use in combat.

The response to the threat posed by drones has been to use traditional anti-aircraft systems or surface-to-air missiles. However, these methods are not always effective and can be economically wasteful. There is a need for small, cheap, and disposable combat drones that can defend against commercial and recreational drones on the battlefield.

These combat drones should have significant autonomy, the ability to detect threats, and cooperate with other similar devices. They should also be easy to use and accessible to ground units without requiring extensive training. The development and deployment of aerial combat UAVs are crucial in addressing the evolving threat posed by drones in modern conflicts.

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