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Double Homicide Boston/Santa Fe: A Riveting Thriller Collaboration

Double Homicide Boston/Santa Fe is a gripping collaboration between two masters of the thriller genre, introducing two different sets of cops in two different cities, faced with two very different murders. In Santa Fe, Darrel Two Moons and Steve Katz are working the 4pm-2am Special Investigation shift when they’re called to the scene of a blunt-force homicide. The victim: a wealthy art dealer with a shady reputation, very few friends and an awful lot of enemies who’re not sorry to see him dead. Did he stumble on a burglar stealing a priceless painting, or did someone whose life he’d ruined finally seek revenge? Dorothy Breton and her partner McCain are called to downtown Boston the same night Dorothy found a revolver in her teenage son’s backpack. Now her elder son is a witness to the killing of a promising athlete in a shoot-out. At least the evidence is stacked against the obvious culprit – until the autopsy shows the young man didn’t die of gunshot wounds, and Dorothy has to dig a lot deeper to find the shocking truth.


  • Engaging and well-crafted storyline
  • Introduces compelling characters in two different cities
  • Keeps readers on the edge of their seats with unexpected twists
  • Offers a unique blend of police procedural and thriller elements


  • Some readers may find certain elements to be cliched
  • The plot may be complex for those who prefer straightforward narratives

Despite some minor drawbacks, Double Homicide Boston/Santa Fe delivers a riveting and immersive reading experience. The collaboration between the two authors brings a fresh perspective to the thriller genre, making it a must-read for fans of police procedurals and gripping mysteries.

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