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Don’t Fall Victim to the ‘Pigeon Drop Scam’: Urgent Warning for H-E-B Shoppers Following $25,000 Loss

Don’t Fall Victim to the ‘Pigeon Drop Scam’: Urgent Warning for H-E-B Shoppers Following ,000 Loss

Elderly Woman Scammed Out of $25K in Texas

An elderly woman fell victim to a “pigeon drop scam” where two suspects convinced her to withdraw $25K from her bank. The incident took place on April 25 at a grocery store in Friendswood, Texas, about 24 miles from Houston.

How the Scammers Operated

The victim, aged 71, was approached by Tiffany Butler, 39, who said she had found a purse containing almost $100K in cash and a $75K bond. Butler asked the victim what she should do with it and convinced her to come to an AT&T store where she worked to report the find.

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However, when the victim arrived at the store, Butler and her accomplice, John Ford, 70, of Jackson, Mississippi, discussed how to share the money. Butler convinced the elderly woman to withdraw $25K in cash from her bank account to split the proceeds, and the suspects never returned.

Pigeon Drop Scam

A pigeon drop scam persuades someone to part with their cash under the belief that they will get a larger sum. In this case, the two suspects targeted an elderly lady, considered vulnerable by law. They have been charged with felony theft from the elderly, and warrants are out for their arrest as of Thursday.

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It is crucial to be careful of strangers asking for personal details or making suspicious approaches. The elderly, in particular, should be cautious about these types of scams that could leave them scammed out of huge sums of money.

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