Donald Trump’s Return to Facebook Explained

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Donald Trump is allowed to return to Facebook after two year ban

After two years away, Donald Trump’s account has been re-activated on Facebook. This comes after the riots at the US Capitol in January 2021 that led to the social media giant banning the former president.

A statement on Facebook’s blog confirms the return, with president of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg clarifying that the suspension was an “extraordinary decision taken in extraordinary circumstances”. He confirmed the “risk has receded sufficently” to allow the return.

Though Trump is back on Facebook, the company still has measures in place to deter recidivism, if the former president re-offends in any way. Any further violations could mean suspension from one month to two years.

All users of social networks have to adhere to the rules of use of the platform, regardless of celebrity status. Minor offences may result in temporary bans and longer suspensions for hostile behaviour. This has been the case for Trump, who was made an example of when he was temporarily banned from the platform after the Capitol riots.

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