Donald Trump Will Be Allowed to Return to Facebook & Instagram By Meta

Donald Trump’s Accounts Restored by Facebook and Instagram After Two Year Suspension

American tech giant Meta announced on Wednesday that former US President Donald Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram, Which were suspended after rioters stormed the Capitol in 2021, will be restored in the coming weeks.

In a statement, the company said that the two-year suspension was due to the “extremely rare conditions” of the incident. Nick Clegg, the head of Meta’s International Affairs, added that “the public needs to know what politicians are saying in order to make decisions”.

Meta has imposed “guardrails” or limits in their new policy, and the accounts will be restored after “disruptions caused by civil protests”. However, they warned that if any content is posted that breaks the rules, the accounts may face suspension for a month to two years.

The company will also target any content that might lead a “risk” similar to the ones before the attack like delegitimizing an election or referring to the QAnon conspiracy group. In this case, the content “can be limited” or access to advertisements can be restricted.

Meta has judged that the risk around the attack “has dropped enough” to reinstate the accounts, but acknowledges that there is a “vibrant debate” on social networks and their responsibility for the content they host.

In response to the announcement, Trump posted a statement on his own social platform, Truth Social, where he claimed that Facebook has lost money due to the suspension, and that “no active president or innocent person” should go through the same in the future.

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