Donald Trump Seeks Reinstatement on Facebook

Donald Trump seeks to return to Facebook for 2021 Elections

Donald Trump could return to Facebook after two years of being banned on the platform. According to a letter sent from his office on Tuesday, Trump requested a meeting with Facebook to potentially review his case, something that would be considered during the upcoming elections.

Though his account will remain blocked while it is under review, a committee will evaluate whether his behavior poses a risk to public safety. With the overturning of his veto this year, Trump is still at risk of having his account closed again if he violates Facebook’s policies.

Apart from his policies as a former president, Trump’s online presence has been one of controversy. He attempted to launch his own social media platform, “Truth”, but lacked his active involvement on the platform.

In an interview, Nick Clegg, President of Global Affairs at Facebook, said, “if the suspension is reversed, Mr. Trump’s account will be subject to new, stringent sanctions if he violates our policies.”

While the suspension is still pending review Trump’s return to the platform remains uncertain, but it will certainly be a factor noted in 2021’s national elections.

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