Donald Trump Seeks Reinstatement on Facebook

Donald Trump Hoping to Return to Facebook After Two-Year Ban

Donald Trump, one of the most controversial political figures of the modern era, has recently sent a request to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for a meeting to review the status of his account which was indefinitely banned two years ago.

The former US president was blocked from several social networks including Facebook due to his often inflammatory rhetoric and harmful comments.

Trump’s ability to successfully return to the network will depend on a review from the Facebook Oversight Board who will carefully assess the potential risk he might pose for public safety.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s global affairs president, reported in a statement that if Trump’s suspension is lifted, his account will be subject to “revised and enhanced sanctions” if he violates any of their terms again, including the permanent deletion of his account.

Trump’s hope to once again use the network comes as he plans his 2021 election campaign, as he has not been particularly successful in his attempt to create his own social media platform called “Truth”.

It’s likely that Trump’s return to Facebook will remain in the air and close to improbable, though the opinion of Mark Zuckerberg may have a decisive role.

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