Do not throw away the shoes that no longer fit you: with this trick and food that you have in the kitchen, you will use them again


It may happen that you have bought some shoes and they are small for you, so if you do not return them, you will end up leaving them stored in the shoe cabinet or closet and in the end you will never have been able to take them. However, there are several tricks that will allow you to widen those shoes that were always small or those that you can no longer wear because they are no longer worth it. Don’t throw away those shoes and use the food you have in the kitchen so you can wear your shoes again.

Don’t throw away your shoes and widen them with this cooking ingredient

Buying shoes that are not the right size can happen to everyone.Perhaps because we have allowed ourselves to be won over by their elegance and have not paid too much attention to comfort, or because they were purchased online and therefore, once they arrive at their destination, they do not match the extent we expected.

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It can also happen that our foot enlarges (something that can perfectly occur after an injury or sprain or a woman can suffer it during pregnancy), so among the solutions that are always recommended when it comes to widening small shoes, we have for example fill them with newspaper and put them in the freezer so that the skin can give way and with the cold, make the last enlarge. It is also said that with a dryer you can make them bigger but to all this, a “trick” is added that consists of using a simple potato.

With this ingredient that we all have at home, you will be able to widen your shoes easily. All it takes is place a large potato, well peeled and wrapped in a kitchen towel inside the shoe. Lo you let it act all night and then try it in the morning. If it’s still a bit tight, repeat the process again.

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Other tricks to widen shoes

The potato trick is one of the best to widen leather or leather shoes, but as we say, it is not the only one. Also with grains of wheat or oats, especially narrow boots, and also sports ones, can be widened. Fill the boots with the grains and then also pour water so that the seeds swell. Leave overnight, then dry the boots and try to put them on.

Finally, slightly moistened newspaper sheets are also one of the best known and used methods. Choose some sheets of newspaper, roll them up and moisten them with cold water. Put the wet newspaper sheets inside the narrow shoes and let them act for a few hours. Don’t use this method on suede shoes though, as they can easily stain.

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