Diver rescues Sebastián Piñera’s body 28 meters deep without a belt from helicopter side


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The diver who rescued the body of former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera spoke about the emergency dive for the first time. Firefighter Ricardo González, who was responsible for recovering Piñera’s body, provided new details of the rescue operation.

The incident occurred on February 6th when the Fire Department headquarters of the Los Ríos region received an alert of an accident in Lake Ranco. They immediately went to the scene and confirmed that a helicopter, piloted by Piñera, had crashed into the lake.

Navy officers arrived and provided assistance with their boat and sonar equipment to locate the exact area where the helicopter had sunk. The rescue and aid maneuvers began, including the immersion of González to recover Piñera’s body, the only crew member who had not emerged to the surface.

González, along with another diver, managed to retrieve Piñera’s body in less than 10 minutes. The Legal Medical Service later confirmed that Piñera’s cause of death was asphyxiation due to submersion.

The diver revealed that the extraction was not complex due to favorable weather conditions and the depth of the water. He described finding the body free, without a belt, on the side of the helicopter, 28 meters deep.

After the body was handed over to the authorities, the entire team, especially the Gersa underwater rescue unit, was praised for their efforts. The team emphasized that they do not make distinctions between people and act in the same way with any accident victim.

The Los Ríos prosecutor reported that the formal investigation is ongoing, with divers from the Investigative Police checking the perimeter of the aircraft for evidence. Once this stage is completed, the ship will be refloated and dry tested on land to determine the cause and origin of the accident.

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