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Discovering the Rising Fame of YouTube Star Airrack | Exploring the Life and Career of Airrack on The US Sun

Discovering the Rising Fame of YouTube Star Airrack | Exploring the Life and Career of Airrack on The US Sun

Meet Airrack, the Rising Star of the Entertainment World

In the world of content creation, Airrack has become one of the fastest rising figures. The YouTuber reportedly reached a staggering one million subscribers within just one year and has started to build a social media empire.

Who is Airrack?

Airrack is a comedic vlogging YouTuber, formerly known as Eric David Decker. He launched his YouTube channel in 2015, but only started gaining traction about three years later. His most notable content is called “couch series” which is in collaboration with influencer Logan Paul. The 26-year-old also went on to create challenge videos, which went viral online.

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The US man also has a huge following on Instagram with more than 600,000 followers.

How did Airrack become famous?

Airrack’s rise to fame was ignited in 2020 when he pulled a stunt posing as a fake reporter and pitched to Logan Paul. At the time, Airrack only had about 1,500 subscribers to his channel. Nevertheless, Paul was in Miami for his brother Jake’s boxing match against AnEsonGib, and the YouTuber swooped on the opportunity.

He flew to Miami and ambushed Paul – but the brazen act worked and Airrack garnered respect from the online community. The pinnacle moment was when he later bought Paul’s couches for $17,000 after taking out a loan and filming the ordeal. Airrack’s profile then rocketed, and he now has almost seven million subscribers on YouTube.

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What is Airrack’s relationship with Mr Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr Beast, has a professional relationship with Airrack. Airrack featured in a Mr Beast challenge video – Last To Leave Circle Wins $500,000 – and was one of the last standing contestants. He would then feature on many other challenges and also made an appearance in a Mr Beast Gaming video.

According to Dexerto, Mr Beast was invited to become a member of the entertainment giant group FaZe Clan, in which he accepted and then extended the invite to Airrack.

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