Discovering a Unique Venezuelan Culinary Specialty

Discovering a Unique Venezuelan Culinary Specialty

Cachapa, A Popular Local Speciality From Venezuela

Venezuelans love their cachapas – a huge tortilla made from fresh corn, stuffed with soft cheese and accompanied by different types of meats. This local speciality has become a hit among people of all classes, ranging from expensive restaurants to humble street food stalls.

The delicious dish is made from corn, water and salt. A dough is usually prepared from these ingredients, which is then spread onto a round comal, a pan which is heated to form a thick disc of dough. Meanwhile, grated cheese, meats and other ingredients are finely chopped and put aside to be added once the cachapa is cooked.

Once the cachapa is cooked, it is flipped and the cheese and other ingredients are added. It is then cooked the second side until the cheese melts. The cachapa is then served hot.

The dish is typically served with simple sides such as guasacaca or avocado, along with sour cream and a type of cheese. Cachapas have become a favorite among Venezuelans, often eating it for lunch and dinner.

It has also become a popular tourist attraction for anyone visiting Venezuela, known for its fresh, local ingredients and unique taste. Whether it’s from a fancy restaurant or from a street food stall, Cachapa has become one of the country’s most beloved dishes.

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