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The trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI has been released and it’s causing quite a stir. At IGN, we’ve spent a minute and a half highlighting 99 details that Rockstar has put into its most anticipated announcement, but some need a little more context.

In the video, especially in the parts where we see footage from social networks or the news, some of the most colorful characters appear performing peculiar actions. Escaping from the police naked, twerking on a car, trying to get a crocodile out of a pool… It may seem extravagant, but in reality, all of this happens on a normal day in Florida.

Grand Theft Auto VI takes place in Leonida, a fictional state clearly inspired by the American east coast. Vice City is inspired by its main city, Miami. Florida is famous on the Internet for the viral phenomenon of “Florida Man.” Some of the most bizarre events you can imagine are recorded in Florida. It’s funny, but it seems that the peninsula houses a magnet for all kinds of eccentricities.

If you don’t believe me, try this: Open a browser tab and type: “Florida man” followed by your date of birth. If you access the searches, you will find headlines that reveal your “spiritual Florida man,” and his memorable feat.

In my case, which is September 7, I got this: A Florida man, drunk and naked, sets fire to his house in a failed attempt to bake cookies. This event occurred on September 7, 2018, but sometimes you even have several options to choose from. In my case, this year a man from Florida decided to go all Christopher Columbus on my birthday. A Florida man arrested for trying to cross the Atlantic in a ship shaped like a hamster wheel made by himself.

If you think that Rockstar invents all these characters, that means you don’t know the vast library of headlines that these unbalanced individuals leave us from Florida. Leave us in the comments who your Florida men are, and what feats they performed on your birthday, it’s a good way to pass the time until 2025.

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