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Discover Why Robert Redford Avoids Kissing Scenes & Has An ‘Issue’ With Women

Discover Why Robert Redford Avoids Kissing Scenes & Has An ‘Issue’ With Women

Jane Fonda Shares Her Experience Working with Robert Redford

Acclaimed actors Jane Fonda and Robert Redford have worked together on four different movies. However, Fonda has recently made some controversial remarks regarding her experience working with her frequent co-star. During the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, Fonda said that Redford had “an issue with women.” She clarified that while he is a “very good person,” he had trouble with kissing his co-stars, which may have put a damper on some of their more romantic on-screen scenes.

Redford and Fonda’s Past Collaborations

Redford has played Fonda’s leading man in films such as “Barefoot in the Park” (1967) and “The Electric Horseman” (1979). However, Fonda’s latest statements regarding Redford’s temper on set and difficulties with physical acting scenes clash with her previous comments about Redford’s on-screen prowess.

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Fonda’s Love for Redford

Despite the tensions that may have arisen on set, Fonda has expressed her deep admiration for Redford and the work they’ve produced together. During the filming of “Our Souls at Night” in 2017, Fonda reflected that while Redford had stayed the same, she herself had grown up. The actress has also complimented Redford’s acting and kissing abilities in the past, calling him “a great kisser” and sharing that she “live[s] for sex scenes with him.”

Redford’s Positive Comments on Working with Fonda

In addition to Fonda’s high praise for her co-star, Robert Redford has spoken positively about his working relationship with her. In a 2017 interview, he commented that their friendship had “always been easy,” citing the “love” they have for each other. Redford also attributed their success together on set to their shared attitude towards work and life.

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