HomeDesign"Discover Edwin Castro's Stunning Million-Dollar Home Near Winning PowerBall Ticket Location"

Discover Edwin Castro’s Stunning Million-Dollar Home Near Winning PowerBall Ticket Location

Discover Edwin Castro’s Stunning Million-Dollar Home Near Winning PowerBall Ticket Location

Edwin Castro, the PowerBall winner for the record prize of 2,040 million dollars in November, has made his second real estate investment by purchasing a $4 million cozy residence in Altadena, California. This property is mixed with Japanese culture and Californian style and includes a swimming pool, a small artificial lake, five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a living room with large windows.

In the promotional photos of the property, one can see wooden and tile floors that combine with white walls and ceiling, offering a simple yet elegant look. Castro intends to use two rooms of the residence as an art studio and movie theater, which have views of the mountains of the San Gabriel Valley.

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Castro’s new home is just over three miles from the gas station in Altadena, where he purchased the winning ticket, and it is a far cry from the noise of Los Angeles City. However, it seems more like a retirement space for someone who can afford a mortgage of $4 million.

Castro’s first real estate investment after winning the jackpot was buying a $25.5 million modern mansion in the Hollywood Hills. The mansion was built last year by luxury construction company, Roman James Design. On its three floors, the property includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a game room, private cinema, bar, gym, wine cellar, sauna, swimming pool, and it has capacity for up to seven vehicles.

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Despite being declared the legitimate winner of the top prize, there are allegations against Castro, made by another Hispanic named José Rivera, who claims that someone stole his winning ticket and then Castro improperly collected the prize. Rivera filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court in late February, which has yet to be resolved.

Before winning the PowerBall jackpot, Castro was a mechanic in a small workshop of vintage modified cars called ‘flatheads’ in the city of La Crescenta, eight miles from his new house. He then quit that job to attend architecture school in Los Angeles.

Castro’s story is similar to many other lucky lottery winners whose fortunes took a disastrous turn after winning the jackpot. Their stories show that winning immense wealth requires smart financial decisions and responsible actions.

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