Discord Announces Beta Phase Launch of PS5 Support and Other Enhancements

Discord Announces Beta Phase Launch of PS5 Support and Other Enhancements

Discord Embraces New Hardware and Other Improvements in Beta Release

Discord is beginning to set their sights on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console, while also unveiling a number of other new features available in its beta phase.

The communication platform has outlined its ambitions to embrace the PS5 hardware and its features already in its beta iteration.

Discord is exploring ways to create dedicated communities where people can group up and chat about the games running on the PlayStation 5. It plans to make building these communities easier than ever before with the help of its integrations.

It is also introducing features geared towards improving its overall performance and user experience. These include custom avatars, chat reactions, animated gifs, and more.

Discord is also looking to make the platform even more accessible. An improved user interface is being developed to reduce the need to ever have to scroll through long lists.

Additionally, Discord is working on improving the platform for live streaming. It has already added several tools and toolsets to make it easier for streamers to create and manage their streams.

For those tech savvy users, there are now shortcuts to enable much faster access to the various features available on the platform.

Discord is making sure its platform stays ahead of the curve as new hardware comes out. Its latest beta is an indication of its ambition to offer a better experience each and every day.

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