Diplomatic Scandal: Milei Calls Petro a “Murderous Communist”


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Before Javier Milei became the president of Argentina, there were already aggressive statements and posts exchanged between him and the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro. However, when Milei made strong comments about a socialist person in August 2023, a diplomatic crisis began to unfold. As the political campaign in Argentina progressed and Milei became president, the messages continued to go back and forth, with the two leaders exchanging insults and strong words.

In January 2024, during an interview with journalist √Āngela Patricia Janiot, Milei defended his policies and measures, even contradicting himself about negotiating with “communists” when discussing potential trade with China. He also shared his opinions about various Argentine and international leaders, using strong language to describe some of them.

Milei’s comments about Petro, calling him a “murderous communist,” may be due to Petro’s ideological background as a former member of the subversive group M-19. This has led to a declaration of conflict between the two leaders, with many implications for the future.

Petro responded to Milei’s comments with a strong defense of his socialist and communist ideas, emphasizing that the state should not be the owner of the means of production. This led to a diplomatic response from Colombia, with the Colombian ambassador in Argentina being called for consultations.

Other Colombian officials and politicians also reacted strongly to Milei’s words, indicating that the issue could lead to a political conflict between Argentina and Colombia. Many are now waiting for Petro’s direct response, as he has also been known to have harsh reactions to his opponents and rivals.

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