Dina Boluarte Refuses to Resign from the Presidency of Peru

Dina Boluarte Apologises for Wrong Doing, Refuses To Resign From Presidency

President of Peru, Dina Boluarte, asked the citizens to pardon her government on Friday (01.13.2023) if they have made a mistake in finding peace and calm and refused to resign from office. She also asserted that she will focus on promoting peace dialogue to overcome the social and political crisis.

“If we have made a mistake in finding peace and calm, I apologize to the Peruvian people,” declared Boluarte in a message to the nation. Despite her government’s mistake, Boluarte refused to step down as president and thanked congress to voting on the bill presented by the executive to hold general elections in April 2024.

Boluarte also reassured citizens that her government is dedicated to investigate the cause of 49 deaths in the past month, 21 of them in the past week. She further denounced “foreign infiltrators and inciters,” who she believes are responsible for the violence present in the protests, and mentioned the “fair claim” of people who have been complaining for decades.

In conclusion, Dina Boluarte apologised for all the wrongdoings and yet refused to resign as a president. She also urged all people to peace, and asked the congress to move forward with the bill to hold general elections in April 2024.

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