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When it comes to the film ‘Diet of Sex,’ there are mixed opinions, but it undeniably offers a unique viewing experience. The movie, directed by Borja Brun, is a Spanish romantic comedy that delves into the intimate lives of its characters. Let’s explore the various aspects of this film to help potential viewers make an informed decision.


  • Intimacy and Realism: ‘Diet of Sex’ is praised for its open and intimate portrayal of relationships. The film is lauded for its realistic depiction of sexuality, making it relatable and engaging for the audience.
  • Entertaining and Amusing: Viewers have found the film to be amusing and entertaining, with a good balance of sensuality and humor. It offers a refreshing take on romantic storytelling.
  • Realistic Cast: The cast is commended for their realistic portrayal, adding to the authenticity and enjoyment of the film.


  • Dubbing: Some viewers have expressed disappointment with the English dubbing, preferring subtitles for a more authentic experience. The dubbing at times detracted from the overall immersion in the film.
  • Censored Content: There have been complaints about the DVD version not fully showcasing the unsimulated sex scenes present in the film, which may disappoint those seeking a more explicit viewing experience.

Despite the mixed reviews, ‘Diet of Sex’ offers a unique and intimate take on romantic storytelling, making it a compelling choice for those interested in a more realistic portrayal of relationships and sexuality. It’s a film that caters to a specific audience seeking a blend of sensuality and humor.

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