Detentions After Protesting Mahsa Amini: An Iranian Tragedy


Six months ago, the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of the Moral Police in Tehran led to protests, and ultimately a deep social crisis not seen since the 2009 electoral protests. The Iranian government’s response has been described as brutal, with up to 500 people, including minors, killed during the protests. According to a recent report from Amnesty International, the government has also executed 137 people who had been involved in the demonstrations; it has also been accused of using sexual violence and torture to extract information from detainees. The number of arrests is estimated to exceed 120,000. Although the situation is currently “tensely calm,” government announcements over amnesties are viewed as an attempt to demobilise people. On a political level, the conflict, which is being externalised, bursts into regional instability and could result in external interference.

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