Desperate Fans Call for Return of Discontinued Breakfast Cereal and Demand a Time Machine to Relive the Good Old Days


Fans of Discontinued Breakfast Cereal Call for Its Return

Fans of a discontinued breakfast cereal are pleading for it to be put back on grocery store shelves. General Mills’ Mr. Wonderful’s Surprize fans added their voices when a nostalgic Twitter account shared a post about the cereal.

Background on Mr. Wonderful’s Surprize

The cereal was first launched in 1972 and was discontinued around 1975, as noted by the Discontinued Foods! Twitter account with nearly 35,000 followers. The cereal was described as “corn puff cereal filled with, essentially, creamy frosting,” and was available in both chocolate and vanilla. Initially launched and tested in Buffalo, NY, the cereal faced protests due to its high sugar content.

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Opposition to Mr. Wonderful’s Surprize

Early opposition to the cereal came from a coalition of 125 nutritionists, dentists, dieticians, and citizens groups. They organized an effort to discontinue the cereal before it could make a national release. Their concern was the cereal’s high sugar content, which contained 30% sugar and 14% saturated fat. However, the cereal still managed to have a national release despite the opposition.

Fans Reactions on Twitter

Many people who miss the sweet treat shared their thoughts about the beloved cereal after the tweet received just under 200 likes. One user described the cereal as “literal Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs!” Another user stated, “This is my favorite [discontinued food] that I never heard of,” and added, “It’s so bad, it was quarantined in Buffalo.”

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The owner of the Discontinued Foods! Twitter page also weighed in on the conversation, stating, “which then reminded me of how little it took to entertain/impress me (and probably most of us) as a kid haha.”

One user even called for a time machine so they could try the cereal again. However, the odds that the cereal will make a comeback are not likely as General Mills has no plans to bring back Mr. Wonderful’s Surprize.

Other Discontinued Foods

It’s not just Mr. Wonderful’s Surprize that has been discontinued. Coca-Cola recently confirmed that some drinks would be disappearing, while Kroger also verified that its popular line of coffee drinks is gone from shelves for good.

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