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Depleted Uranium Bullets are Non-Nuclear Weapons, Says Latest Reports

The British Ministry of Defense has dismissed accusations by the Russian government that the depleted uranium ammunition provided to Ukraine has a “nuclear component.” A spokesman for the ministry pointed out that depleted uranium has been used in armor-piercing projectiles for decades, and that it is standard and not related to nuclear weapons. The ministry has confirmed that it will provide Ukraine with ammunition, including armor-piercing shells that are effective in defeating tanks and other armored vehicles.

The Russian government has protested against the use of depleted uranium and claimed that such ammunition contains pieces of nuclear material. However, a former British Army tank commander and chemical weapons expert has dismissed these claims, stating that the bullets used for the Challenger 2 contain only traces of depleted uranium.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia will respond if the UK sends depleted uranium projectiles to Ukraine. He stated that if this were to happen, Russia would be forced to react, given that the use of weapons with nuclear components by the West has begun.

Various scientific studies have concluded that the use of depleted uranium munitions would have a low impact on personal health and the environment. Depleted uranium has been used by the British Army for decades and is regarded as a standard component in armor-piercing projectiles.

While Russia’s concerns over depleted uranium are understandable, it is important to be clear that the ammunition does not contain a nuclear component. It is standard and effective in defeating tanks and other modern armored vehicles. Ultimately, it is important for both sides to engage in constructive dialogue and find a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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