Dennis González Wins Silver in Free Solo Routine


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After five days of intense competition, Dennis González let out a sob of relief when he saw his score in the final of the synchronized swimming free solo. His score placed him second behind Italian Giorgio Minisini. The Chinese favorite, Shuncheng Yang, made two errors and was left off the podium, giving silver to the Spaniard and the victory to Minisini. The bronze went to Colombian Gustavo Sánchez. This unexpected outcome is not surprising in artistic swimming, which has been greatly altered by a new code and system of punctuation.

In the preliminary round, Minisini was the victim, but in the final, he benefited from Yang’s mistakes. González swam with high artistic value, improving his preliminary grade by five points and securing a spot on the podium. He expressed his relief and pride in winning the silver medal.

Yang’s exercise had high artistic values, but two penalties ruined his final grade. Minisini’s performance, while not reaching the artistic heights of González or Yang, surpassed them in elements and difficulty, ultimately winning the gold.

This victory was well-deserved for Minisini after eight years in the world elite. González, who had previously experienced bad luck in other choreographies, was satisfied with his silver medal. He did not expect the Chinese to fail, but was proud to win the silver.

The new code and system of punctuation in artistic swimming have made the competition relentless with any failure. This final was a testament to the unpredictability of the sport. Despite the unexpected outcome, the athletes showed resilience and determination in their performances.

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