Democrats in Benin Disgruntled Over Exclusion from Permanent Committees

In Benin, the Democrats do not digest their absence at the head of the permanent committees

Constitutional Court orders resumption of elections for positions other than presidency and vice-presidency of permanent committees

The opposition in Benin has taken their grievances to the Constitutional Court over the fact that all five presidents of parliamentary committees are from the Talon camp of the majority. The Court has made a ruling that only elections for positions other than the presidency and vice-presidency of the permanent committees will be resumed. However, the opposition party, The Democrats, has called for the whole election to be questioned as they do not chair any commission.

The opposition has accused the majority of seeking to extinguish the rights of the minority and of loving exclusion. The majority claims that the Court’s decision validates the election of presidents and vice-presidents. According to MP Gérard Gbenonchi of the Talon camp, the majority reserved secretarial posts for the opposition, which they declined.

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The resumption of elections should concern all positions, says Allassane Tigri, a tenor of The Democrats. The opposition fears being excluded from the conference of presidents if they do not lead a commission. Guy Mitokpè, member of The Democrats, laments the majority’s attempt to extinguish the rights of the minority since their return to parliament.

The Court’s decision may not please The Democrats party, but it remains to be seen whether the opposition will accept the ruling or continue to challenge it. Only time will tell how this dispute will be resolved.


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