HomeNewsDemands for Boluarte's Resignation Spark Protests

Demands for Boluarte’s Resignation Spark Protests

Demands for Boluarte’s Resignation Spark Protests

Protests Directed Against Boluarte for Deadly Unrest

The streets of downtown Lima, Peru are full of hundreds of protesters from all across the nation, including the poorer areas. Many of these make the same accusation: Dina Boluarte is to blame for the violence.

Paulina Consac, one of these protesters, has made the trip all the way from Cusco to make this accusation. “Our God says that you will not kill your neighbor. Dina Boluarte is killing, she is making the brothers fight,” the woman said in an interview with the Associated Press.

Many other protesters have similar beliefs. The Associated Press report went on to say that protesters cited Boluarte’s political policies as the cause for the unrest, arguing that their implementation has caused economic disparity and an increase of violent incidents. The destruction that occurred in the wake of protests has fueled their argument.

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The Peruvian government has not yet released an official statement on the recent protests, nor has Boluarte herself. But the mere accusation has created a wave of anger and agitation that is still present in the nation.

It is unclear whether Boluarte will be found responsible or not, but it is certain that her name has been repeatedly associated with the destruction brought on by the violent unrest.

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Elizabeth Taylor
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