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Pablo Fernández, the spokesperson for Podemos, recently appeared on Cuatro’s ‘Todo es Mentira’ program to discuss the party’s new direction after disassociating from ‘Sumar’. He also mentioned Irene Montero as a potential option for the European Parliament. The presenter, filling in for Risto Mejide, invited Ana Vázquez, a PP deputy, and Pablo Fernández to discuss their previous clash in Congress.

Vázquez began by reminding Fernández of their previous encounter and summarized Yolanda Díaz’s political career, advising her to focus on unemployment in Spain rather than political maneuvering. Fernández responded by stating that Vázquez’s comments seemed more like a reflection than a question, and he agreed that the labor reform has had positive results.

The discussion on the program highlighted the differing perspectives of the two politicians and shed light on the current political landscape in Spain. It also provided insight into the future direction of Podemos and the potential candidates for the European Parliament. The exchange between Vázquez and Fernández demonstrated the ongoing debate and discourse within Spanish politics.

Overall, the conversation on ‘Todo es Mentira’ offered a glimpse into the complexities of political decision-making and the challenges facing Spain. It also showcased the diverse viewpoints within the political spectrum and the ongoing efforts to address issues such as unemployment and labor reform. As Podemos moves forward with its new direction, it will be interesting to see how the party navigates these challenges and continues to advocate for change in Spain.

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