Decrease in Visas Granted to Russian Emigrants by Turkey

Decrease in Visas Granted to Russian Emigrants by Turkey

Russians Being Rejected for Turkey Residency as Conflict Worsens

Nikita M. and his wife recently changed their plans for a move from Vladivostok to Moscow after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order of mobilization for war against Ukraine. Instead, the couple elected to stay in Turkey, so they used their savings to buy an apartment in Antalya for $65,000 and spent a total of $80,000 on the transfer.

In the hopes of being able to stay in Turkey for at least a year and have the freedom to enter and leave the country, the couple applied for a residence permit in September 2022. Regrettably, their application was denied without stated reasoning.

It has become a pattern in recent months that Russians are having their residence permit applications denied, with more rejections than usual being seen in Turkey’s coastal city of Antalya. Meanwhile, in other parts of the country, foreigners may still be able to obtain a permit with the required documents such as proof of income, health insurance and a rental agreement.

It is thought that these tighter rules and controls may be to make the president’s policies more popular with the citizens before the Turkish elections in May. Moreover, those who stay longer than their permitted time in Turkey must pay a hefty fine upon leaving the country.

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